The Cow Has Refused

Cow milk was mandatory in most households when I was growing up. It was the healthiest drink around, well, that is after water. I can’t remember anyone in my circle who didn’t drink milk.

Every day at 4pm, my brother and I would be called into the house to drink our milk. If we stayed too long, it would cool and we’d have to remove the cream. I found this beverage quite unnecessary, it would interrupt our play and leave us feeling so full. Little wonder, I struggled to eat my dinner every night, but that is a story for another day.

For hubs, every morning, at the crack of dawn, just after the cows were milked, he would hear a rap on his door. A glass of warm milk had been brought. In their home, drinking milk was mandatory until you were eighteen years old. Now he can’t stand milk, I think eighteen years of drinking milk was enough to last him a lifetime.

When Miss K was one, her body completely refused milk but would accept yogurt. I was in denial at first so I would make her ‘nylon’ milk diluted with water, and sometimes it would work. When the symptoms – diarrhea, stomach cramps, rash on face, never-ending cough- intensified, I had to let go of the dream. Though her desire for hot chocolate and cereal has had me experiment with different brands.

I thought Ky would be the milk drinker in our home, however, I think their genes have had enough of milk. The saddest part, for me that is, is that even milk in food is affecting them. I made pancakes the other day with diluted milk, and a few minutes after Ky ate one, the rash appeared, and diarrhea

The cow has refused!

I usually joke that Ky would be the one to milk cows in our home, seeing as she is an early riser, but now I’ll prob settle for picking coconuts, as that is the alternative we are switching to.

Two years ago, I was stressed that Ksena wouldn’t drink milk, but in my journey of self-awareness, I have seen how it triggers bloating for me and learned to listen to my body when it whispers. I am grateful that I have access to information and alternatives and for peace. Lord knows that the intolerance symptoms worried me especially when I didn’t know what was going on.

Whilst the cows have refused, the coconuts have agreed!





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