The Ark

After almost three months, of reading, discussing and acting out the crucifixion and resurrection story daily, we are now enjoying the action of the Old Testament. Once in a while, Miss K asks for ‘Jesus on the cross’ but we are now learning more bible stories and enjoying acting them out. A few days ago, Ksena and Peter read the story of David and Goliath and acted it out, it was YouTube worthy with 5 Stones as the soundtrack.

Illustrations bring the bible to life for little children. It amazes me how small details catch Ksena’s eye. The story of Noah and his ark is our new favorite. The questions have been hilarious.

“Mama, why are these men laughing at Noah?” Ksena asked as she pointed at Noah’s neighbors. “What’s so funny Mama?”

“They think that Noah has a wild imagination. They are surprised that he is building a big boat on dry land. He keeps talking about rain falling from the sky, yet these men have never seen rain. God waters the plants from the ground.” I responded. “Sometimes God asks us to do things that seem crazy, and not everyone will support us or celebrate with us.” I added as I unfolded the crease from the page.

“What happened next, Mama?” she asked as she turned the page. The next page had a picture of different types of animals entering the ark. The artiste used his palette well to show how detailed and colorful God’s plan is.

“Mama, look! There are the Giraffes, Monkeys, Lions, Birds, Cows, Dogs and Sheep.” she said excitedly as she pointed at each of the animals. “Mama, why is the tortoise walking so slowly? When will it reach the ark?” she asked inquisitively.

I chuckled, the look on her face told me that it was not a rhetorical question and the silence meant that it was not a monologue. Sometimes she asks a question and then has a back and forth with herself and ends up smiling, and I can’t help but smile back.

“The tortoise is not a fast animal. So it will walk slowly until they get to the ark. Noah will wait for them. When all the animals and Noah’s relatives are inside, God will shut them in.”

“But, Mama! I want him to go faster. I want him to run like a Cheetah!” she said as she mimicked how a Cheetah runs. My laughter filled the room.

“My sweet Ksena, God made us all differently. We may look a little different and walk at different paces, but we’ll all get there eventually. Can you imagine if we were all Cheetahs? The world would be so boring. There would be no cats to meow, lions to roar, dogs to bark and butterflies to show us some beautiful color.” I took a sip of water and then added, “We all need to accept who we are, that there are things we can and can’t do. And then we need to live our lives to the best of our ability. If God has decided, the ark won’t move until we get there. It is God who shuts us in.”

“Okay Mama!” Ksena said, “For today, I am a lion, ROAR and you can be a butterfly Hahahaha and I will chase you”. She got up and started chasing me around, and our hearts and home were filled with laughter.