Finally At Home

I am intrigued by the people who completely unpack their clothes when they check in to a hotel. They literally make themselves at home, and put away their suitcases for maximum comfort. They operate with order and ease, always keeping tabs on where everything is. I am not one of those people, I like to live out of a suitcase, after all I am going home in a few days. When I travel with the girls, sometimes I make an effort to remove their clothes for easy access, but mine stay intact.

I’ve lived out of a suitcase, metaphorically speaking, in Mombasa for about four years. I have been operating with a hotel mentality in my home. Answering all the ‘ but when are you coming back to Nairobi?’ questions, with ‘Mombasa is home’. Yet to a large extent my clothes, dreams, hopes and ambitions have been packed in a suitcase, with those at the bottom often being forgotten.

Many people who meet me are shocked that I have been in Mombasa for six years, for starters Swahili is still not my first language, secondly my pace is still not as slow as the camel’s strides on the beach. But you can tell that I am not fresh from the capital city. I do not have the sense of urgency that Nairobi folk do. Nairobi folk are always in a hurry, everything is urgent and in a bid to get to their goal, sometimes the relational courtesies is overlooked. My first culture shock when I landed in Mombasa 6 years ago is how important greetings and courtesy were. A blanket greeting was often not en

My friend called me this morning at 8am, and I greeted her asking her why she was using the Nairobi clock. I rarely get calls from Mombasa folk at 8am. My ringer warms up at about 9:30am on a good day.

Trips to Nairobi remind why Mombasa is an ideal town, I pant from the worry I experience as I sit in traffic. I feel out of place when I am just relaxing in Nairobi. Life in Mombasa, reminds me of the conveniences and services that I miss in the city.

I started unpacking my suitcase about two years ago, when Miss K was two. Children have a way of changing your routine and the way you operate. For their comfort and experiences, you are forced to step out of your comfort zone, to make new friends and to venture into new spaces.

Mombasa is home, until the next assignment is revealed. I am learning to unpack my dreams and ambitions and lay them out into the cupboard, where they are easy to access. It is easy to miss out on the blessings that are within reach. It is not always a case of the glass either being half full or half empty. It is allowing yourself to see the season as the Lord does.

I’ll be sharing some of the gems I’ve found in Mombasa as I have unpacked my suitcase and gotten to know the place a little better.

Here’s to unpacking, putting away the suitcases, and enjoying our cups running over.


Morning Reflections: Remain Fluid, Always

The ocean is my happy place. When I moved to Mombasa, I used to wonder how and why the people who lived here didn’t frequent the ocean. Then I got comfortable, became one of ‘them’, my ‘let’s go to the ocean’ plans became sparse. I guess after a few months, it became the norm, sort of like Uhuru park 🙂

Yesterday morning, I went for a walk on the beach and I was just so blown away. It was so nostalgic! Reminded me of the love that I had for God when I moved to Mombasa. Please don’t get me wrong, I still love Jesus. Though life was different then. But I was reminded to remain fluid regardless of the season in life. To always be available for the Spirit of the Lord to blow me in the direction that he pleases. Having the waves crash at my feet was an example of what He can do with a fluid heart.


I left so recharged and in awe of God. I kept singing this song.

Oh that I will search for Him and find Him, everyday, in the big things and the little things.

We serve a big God!! He deserves all of our praise. May our life songs sing to Him.  Standing by the ocean humbled me. My response was YES! Yes, I will go where you send me, even across the fence, the nations and oceans. Obedience begins where I’m at, it’s not a destination but a state of being.

IMG_20170320_085202 (2)

Here’s to many more walks by the ocean, many refreshing reflections and an irresistible love for Jesus that oozes into every part of my life.

Remain Fluid, Always!



Pep Talk Time: Accept The Season And Enjoy The Season

In a few months, it will be 4 years since we relocated to Mombasa. A long-short time. I’ve gotten to love it and I am almost used to the heat; though don’t ask me about the heat in January, February or March. I’ll be too parched to talk about it. The sun and humidity know how to tango during these months, and they put on quite a show that leaves you drenched in sweat. Don’t judge the momentum of the people who live at the Coast too harshly. The heat has a way of reducing your speed and bringing along lethargy.

You’d think that after all this time, I’d be fully settled and used to culture. Time after time, I find myself comparing it to Nairobi, because it is what I am used to. In some aspects, I have a lens that inhibits me from fully enjoying the season as it is. To be honest, I miss the variety that Nairobi offers. The restaurants, the malls, the hospitals and schools.  I miss my friends and family, though I’m slowly navigating my way around this; and thanking God for social media and my annual trips.

With the big picture in mind, I wouldn’t go back, or at least not just yet. I know that for this season in life, I am where I need to be. And that’s exactly it. Life is about seasons. It is important to recognize the season, and live in it.

I’ve been faced with decisions of late and I’ve missed having more options. Though, my security or wisdom do not come from my careful considerations of the options. After all, a man’s heart plans his way, but it is the Lord who directs His steps (Proverbs 16:9).

Another verse that I fully relate with in this time is:


The King James Version says that the counsel of the LORD shall stand.

There are many devices in a man’s heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.

In the midst of options and situations where the options are fewer, it is the Lord’s counsel that matters. I feel I need to say that again. It is the Lord’s counsel that matters.

So, I am placing my ‘Nairobi lens’ aside and any other lens that has hindered me from enjoying the season. I am taking on the Lord’s counsel and enjoying the season. No more ‘one foot in, one foot out’. I’m all in, and I am going to enjoy the season as the Lord has ordered my steps and continues to order my steps. For the glory of His name.

Has your ‘ideal’ lens been keeping you from enjoying your current season in life? Do you miss having options to consider and feel as though you are in complete control of your life? Spend time with the Lord and listen out for His counsel that it may stand.