I Feel You

Under every tough skinned girl is a soft underbelly.

It is easy to portray a tough exterior, especially because you may not want people to walk all over you. So you toughen up, but deep within, when the world quietens down, you feel the beauty, murkiness and mixed nature of your feelings. You feel big emotions, small emotions and mixed emotions.

I see this with my girls. They have different personalities and an illusion of crocs skin, but their underbelly is the same. Soft, malleable and sensitive. They’ll say things like ‘I’m a big girl, I won’t get hurt. Or, ‘Even if I fall down, I won’t cry’

When they hit the ground, it is a whole different story. When they are aggrieved, the tears flow, and then the choir begins.

When one hears her sister crying, she cries as well. Even louder than the aggrieved party, and then the other one starts crying. Before I know it, I have a symphony, more like a brassy, wail. I think their voices complement each other and one day we will have a beautiful trio .

The tears say, I see you, I feel you and I wish I could make it better. That is the essence of our faith, the spine of our sisterhood. You don’t have to go through it to feel it. Our tough exterior shouldn’t neutralize our empathy. It shouldn’t blind us from the reality of pain. Our soft underbelly should make us sensitive to the voice of the Lord, sensitive to the hearts of those around us. Our ability to feel, should drive us to our knees where we can truly uphold each other,and present our grievances and situations to the Lord.

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. ~ Romans 12:15

Play-Schooled by My Daughter

We were together but apart.

Though we inhaled each other’s carbon dioxide we were not bonding as much as we should be. We shared the same space, but our minds were worlds apart. And the dissatisfaction begun to brew.

Proximity doesn’t always equals connection.

This is a lesson that I learned earlier on in the work-from-home period. Now that our babies are home for a lot longer, it is more evident that we need to be deliberate about spending time together connecting as we do things that they enjoy.

A few days ago, Miss K said to me, “Mama, today you haven’t even played with me.” I looked at her a little confused because, I was sure that my crawling on the floor and roaring like a little lion ought to be classified as play. It was playful, but, on that given day, she had a different idea on what our meaningful play time should look like.

I’ve been reading a book on babies and their milestones, and the power of play therein. One of the things that I’ve gleaned from it is that we should have a Golden hour of meaningful play for each child. I have three children, three hours of play back to back feels quite daunting. Though, I’m learning to break it into chunks and spread it through the day. Some times, a cuddle session is like a balm to the soul, other times, it is playing the girl’s makeshift tent or visiting their restaurant for every meal.

In Ecclesiastes we read that there is a time for everything. Now that our babies have lots of time as they are home, we need to make time for meaningful play. Time to instruct our children in the ways of the Lord. Time to teach them the word, and to show them how to apply what we learn.

This morning, the girls woke me up saying, “Mama, we want to be like Daniel. We want to pray 3 times a day.” Their resolve had them scooting next to the windows as they faced the East praying. I mentioned to Peter, imagine what would happen if the army of children prayed that diligently. If prayer was a prioritized part of their lives.

I don’t always get it right. Sometimes I feel like the hours in the day are not sufficient . Sometimes I am overwhelmed by my own thoughts and realities. But, I take great comfort in the Lord, I am encouraged that His mercies are new every morning. He remains faithful even when I falter.

Perhaps, all that is needed is a willing heart, and a sensitive spirit to discern when the opportunity presents itself. Ultimately, there is grace, strength and help available.

Because you are my help,
    I sing in the shadow of your wings.
I cling to you;
    your right hand upholds me.

~Psalm 63:7-8 NIV

The Trust Fall

I trust gravity, but I hate trust falls.

The dynamics of aligning my body and taking a leap of faith in to the arms of people beneath me, hoping for dear life that they will catch me is unnerving. The exhilaration faded in my teens, now at one of my heaviest weights I am of the school of thought that we can trust each other without falling.

My girls do not share my sentiments. They absolutely love doing trust falls. During our devotion on trust, I introduced them to the concept and once they were sure that I had their backs they got falling. And they fell smiling.

Miss Ky run to me beaming, ‘Mama, again. Let’s do it again, this time, I want to fall lower.” Miss K, reiterated excitedly, “Mama, me too!” I watched them fall in to my arms for fun. They were so sure that mama would catch them.

Perhaps a childlike nature is needed to enjoy trust falls.

My first trust fall was all fun and games, I was a teenager, and I weighed about 50 Kgs. My team mates hands were interlocked into a sturdy net, something that reminded me of a woven hammock. Gentle and secure. My second trust fall felt like crash landing in a desert. It was abrupt, bumpy, and it brought me very close to the dust of the earth. I was sweating from fright.

As I’ve grown older , my detest has increased. Life, especially this year, has felt like a series of trust falls from higher platforms. I’ve felt fear. I’ve tasted saline from my eyes, I have racked my mind in worry, and I have cried out in despair.

I’ve not known the words to use to describe this season. I know that God is good, and that He can be trusted, but sometimes when I feel thrust in the air and at the mercy of gravity, there peace evaporates.

The lyrics of Palm of Your Hand have been a huge comfort. My resolve is to :

So I will stop and breathe
Rest here in Your goodness
I know You won’t leave
It’s my confidence (Oh, it’s my confidence)

I know that the hand that will catch me is gentle, strong and secure.

Here I am in the palm of Your hand
Nothing can take me away
Nothing can take me away

The Lord is not intimidated by my ‘weight’ or my fears. His love is enough and His palm is secure.

There’s not a height, or a depth
Not a lie inside my head
Not a fear or offense
Nothing can take me away

I don’t know what the rest of 2020 holds, but I know who holds me, and nothing can take me away.

That is my confidence.

The One Who Sees Me

I sat by the bed, sorting laundry, and floating in my thoughts. Baby K lay on her play mat swatting her dangling toys amidst squeals of joy. A few minutes passes before she realized that no one was besides her. She begun to cry out, it was a different cry, a panicked cry that asked, ‘”Where is everyone?”

I spoke up and said, “I am here, I have been watching over you, even when you couldn’t see me.” Immediately I uttered those words, I knew that I too needed to hear those words.

My failure to see the Lord does not signify his absence.

Some seasons in life can seem very quiet, almost lonely, and it may seem like the Lord has walked away from you. Your prayers turn in to cries, asking the Lord why He has forgotten you, asking where He is when your walls are crumbling down. Asking where He is when chaos is the order of the day.

Even in the stillness and chaos He remains God. The present darkness does not diminish His light, The battle you face, does not undermine His power. He is still God.

In Genesis 16, Hagar was on the run. She had despised her mistress, Sarah, after conceiving a child with Sarah’s husband, Abraham. Sarah was vexed that her servant could openly treat her badly, and after a consultation with her husband, she dealt with the matter.

She dealt with Hagar in an unfair manner and it sent Hagar packing and running off in to the wilderness. Hagar had an encounter with an angel of the Lord. Upon inquiry, Hagar told the angel that she was fleeing from her mistress. The angel of the Lord, instructed her to go back and submit to Sarah. He told her that the Lord would increase her descendants so much that they would be too many to count. He instructed her, gave her a promise and gave her hope.

The angel of the Lord also spoke to her further regarding her offspring and instructed that he should be named Ishmael because the Lord had heard her misery. The angel of the Lord shed light on Ishamel’s personality, this knowledge would also play a role as she parented him.

Hagar was comforted. This encounter changed something within her. It gave her direction, wisdom and grace for the days to come. Verse thirteen says, “ She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”

How beautiful it is to see the One who sees you. The One who sets you back on track and works all things out for your good.

As you sojourn on this earth, I pray that you will encounter – in a vivid manner- the One who sees you.

Newborn Hazing During Covid-19 Season: 10 ways I’m Coping

It takes a village to raise a child, but what happens when the ‘village’ is observing social distance? Motherhood in this Rona season is unprecedented, it is revealing how little is within our control.

Who would have thought that a virus would cause us to think twice, and carefully re-define normal? That it would magnify the small things, because they really are the big things in life.

A few weeks ago, the Lord added to our number and baby KK was born. She has been a joy bringer in this season. Though she’s our third born, it has almost felt like having a baby for the first time. I’ve been learning a new way of motherhood, one with limited movement and social interaction. I’ve become more cautious, and conscious of the worry and anxiety that tries to make room in my heart. The emotional, social, financial effects of Rona are hitting home, they are hard to ignore.

Some comfort has come from knowing that KK doesn’t know an alternative reality. She has no clue what she is missing out on, so as her mama, my role is show up each day, feed her, love her, play with her, pray for her and try to find joy and peace in this season.

I never thought I could be okay being home all day everyday. I love my home and family, but I enjoyed leaving the house before Covid-19. Thankfully the walls have stopped caving in, in fact if anything, I now struggle to venture out. Here’s how I’m navigating this season with a newborn (I’ll talk about her sisters in another post):

  1. Giving thanks

Gratitude is a balm to the soul. It has a way of cleansing your vision, and re-aligning your attitude.

I am being intentional about giving thanks. Circumstances may not be ideal on all fronts, but I still have so much to be grateful for.

2. Re-defining self care

During this time, I’ve had to re-define self care and make room for it in my every day life. My self care routine previously consisted of outdoor activities, it has now been replaced by indoor activities such as baking, cooking, coloring, journaling, working out, de-cluttering and silence. Yes, sweet silence.

I’m chasing sunshine now more than ever, and resisting the urge to sit with drawn blinds. The rainy season has revealed that I wouldn’t do too well in winter. Soaking up the sun is an important part of my self care routine.

3.Being gracious

At the beginning of the social distancing, I wanted life to continue as usual, but a few days in, I realized the cost of ‘normal’ was too high to bear. With our help social distancing, I pursued the role of Super woman. Hubby would tell me to take it easy but my brain struggled to chill. Until my back humbled me. One day I had a little meeting with myself and redefined normal. A normal that consisted of grace, a normal that gave me room to be kind to myself, a normal that maintained joy. A normal that understood that these are not normal times, a normal that allowed me to heal from surgery and to enjoy being a mummy and wife.

4. Maintaining social interaction (From a distance)

I had a refreshing conversation with a friend this morning. We talked about everything from insects, to milestones, to sleep regression, to CVs and cover letters, and to life in general. It was a cocktail that left me feeling encouraged.

I am making an effort to reach out to people and talk to them and pray with them. I miss coffee dates and play dates, but given the circumstances, this is working.

5. Asking for help

I struggle with this one, but I have an ‘in case of emergency’ protocol in my mind. I know that despite the distance, I shouldn’t suffer alone. Postpartum depression is real, and I would really like not to experience it this time.

6. Making memories

Babies grow so fast. You spend the first couple of weeks wondering when it will get better, then it does, but you never get the time back. I’m freezing moments by taking pictures and videos. I’m holding baby KK, gazing in to her gorgeous eyes, smelling her hair, taking her in and enjoying moments with her. I’m also writing letters to her in her journal, with prayers I’ve made for her and the sweet things that happen. These pictures, videos and letters will serve as a reminder of God’s faithfulness in the years to come.

7. Putting my trust in God

A few weeks after I gave birth, a lady told me that she felt pity for me as this is not the best to have a child. As I reflected the Lord reminded me I can trust Him. He is the One who holds our future in His hands. He knows us, our hearts, and He knows our babies. He knew them and their futures even as He knit them in our wombs. He knew that they’d be born at a time such as this. He knew that they would be a generation that would live to see His goodness and faithfulness in their lifetime.

8. Amplifying truth

I stopped actively pursuing news pertaining to Covid-19. After evenings of increased anxiety after a daily briefing, I chose joy, and I’ve felt it trickling in. I am pursuing truth and positive things. I am listening to more things that make happy, thinking about the things that I can change and control, and praying about those beyond my scope.

9. Acknowledging my feelings

Some days are hard. Between the valleys of motherhood and the realities of life, it can be hard to feel jolly all day long. I’ve learned to acknowledge my feelings, feel them and then speak the truth that I know. I cling on to it and declare my total dependence on God.

10. Protecting myself

We still have to leave from time to time, as we go to the clinic. I am minimizing movement and taking pre-cautions when I have to leave wearing my mask, walking with a spirit spray to disinfect surfaces, and maintaining social distance. I’m trying to boost my immunity through food, exercise and avoiding stress.

I pray that this season passes soon. It is hard, but we continue to look to the Lord who sustains us.

Sustain me, my God, according to your promise, and I will live;
    do not let my hopes be dashed. ~ Psalm 119:116 (NLT)

If you would like someone to talk to or pray with you, drop me a line via bibi2bee@gmail.com


She’s Not A Baby Anymore

I am currently sitting in a make-shift tent with Ky, holding her red pumpkin, which in reality is a bouncing ball. Though I am not about to burst her bubble, or oppose her imagination. Nah, I am here for all of it.

All of it.

That is the thing about life, you can’t have the good and excuse yourself from the bad, like some children skip over their veggies. Life is not like a side dish. It is more like a meal cooked in one pot. In the community that I come from this is a common occurrence and it is considered a delicacy. Please note that I am not talking about lasagna or shepherds pie type of one pot dish, that’s a pretty fancy comparison for the rice mixed with protein and veggies dish. But it is nutritious. It may not always look the best, depending on how it is cooked, but you know that it is healthy.

Motherhood has been like a one pot dish for me. There are seasons that I have disliked how it looked and felt. I would envy people with older children. When Ky was little, she struggled with reflux, every regurgitation deflated my hope. It was frustrating, messy and tear jerking. Having to give Ky a bath, then take a shower and change the sheets at mid-night was not the experience I hoped for. The snide comments from nurses regarding her weight gain, or lack thereof, felt like bricks pelting a straw house.

Now I smile as I watch the girls play and sit in their tents. They are always on the move, playing, laughing, chattering and running. I cherish the cuddles and moments when I can draw them in and hug them. I enjoy watching them sleep, and love that they sleep through the night.

In retrospect the mountains and valleys have been worth it. They may not have felt like it as we labored in love, but I have seen God turn things around for our good.

I have learned that it doesn’t have to feel good for me to know that it is working out for my good.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28

Tea Party With The Teddies

Sometimes all we need is something new to breathe some life and excitement to our old collections.

On Sunday, Miss K got a beautiful Hello Kitty tea pot, while Ky got a slice of cake from a little shop, together these two toys have unified their troop of toys. Almost all our games now revolve around feeding a teddy or a ‘toto’, or even feeding ourselves.

One afternoon this week, while Ky napped, Miss K got a fraction of her teddies, put ’em on four little chairs and then begun to serve them tea. You should have seen the look on her face, one of sheer joy, and excitement. The girls love having visitors, they think that we should host people everyday. I am glad that our love for hosting has rubbed off on them, we did it a lot before we had little ones, and now that they are old enough, it is a joy to see them long to serve others and share with others.

Miss K hosted what I’d call a modern day miracle. She probably didn’t realize it, but in the moments that I watched her, my heart was so encouraged. Her fifteen teddies, varying in age and size, shared two pots of tea and shared one slice of cake. And, according to Miss K, they were so full afterwards, they needed to have a nap.

This reminded me of how Jesus fed the 5000 men.  While it was just a game for Miss K, I pray that she will apply that faith in her life. God is still in the business of performing miracles. Miracles happen when we share, then we realize how the power of God can transform little into a lot. How something that could only have benefited one or two people, can transform the lives of others.

What is it that you have in your hands? What is it that you are being called to share? I’ll leave you with this bridge that has been my heart’s song this week, as I take the limits off my faith.

I’ve seen You move, come move the mountains 
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again
You made a way, where there was no way
And I believe, I’ll see You do it again”


If you had an angel following you around every day, what do you imagine they would wear? Would they have themes each day, you know, throw in a 17th-century outfit every other Thursday or some shades of blue on Mondays?

Sunday is my most rewarding and draining days, in equal measure. I teach the little children, children below three years old. Sometimes it is a walk in the park, other times it is like trying to conduct a choir whose members are in different time zones.

Yesterday, I taught them about angels. Some were wide-eyed as I showed them pictures from a pop-up Christmas book, others were more interested in the toys sprawled around, while others were intrigued by pink crocs.

A scroll on my social media page reminds me how much we need protection. As much as we try to protect our children, we cannot be with them at all times. We don’t see the bigger picture, we are not all knowing, seeing or powerful. We are limited in our power, but we serve a God who is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.

He is able to order his angels to protect us.

“For he orders his angels to protect you wherever you go.~

~Psalm 91:11

We colored cut-out angels to remind us that God orders his angels to protect us everywhere we go. As the little ones play with their toys and lie in their beds, they know that there are angels watching over them.

My colored angel has a home on my wall to remind me that angels are watching over me everywhere that I go.


Juicy Grapes

The older I get, the more I embrace the things that I once detested. The things that I was hell-bent on never liking are the ones that I enjoy now. My mum chuckles that I feed my girlies sweet potatoes regularly because I would scoff at the sight of them. I would eat them amidst complaints, I was too bitter on the inside to appreciate their sweetness and fiber. But there was nothing that I loathed like ugali/sima (maize meal).

I practiced intermittent fasting on the days that sima was served at home. It was always in the wrong company, bitter tasting, and hard textured company. The veggies and the choice of protein put me off completely. My attempts to sweeten it with mala were shortlived, as I would sometimes forget to buy it on my way home, and it really wasn’t that deep.

When we moved to Mombasa, a love relationship was formed. I could actually enjoy my Sima and look forward to the days that I eat it. I still haven’t gotten to the place that I can eat it every day like my family, I guess the love for sima failed to be passed in the genes.

I also started enjoying traditional veggies, especially those on the slimier side of the spectrum – mrenda. The deep green color screams nutrients. A few days ago, as I was eating my sima and mrenda, Miss K and Ky decided that they must have grapes at that time. I asked them to wait for two minutes as I was almost done, then I would wash my hands, wash the grapes and serve them.

The girlies listened for all of twenty seconds and then they proceeded to eat the grapes as they were. They bit into the rather squishy ones that had them contorting their faces. They spat them out before I could say ‘I asked you to wait’. Their taste buds had expected the sweet taste of the grapes, instead, they got a fermented treat.

I eventually finished my food, washed my hands and prepped the grapes for them. As they chomped them down I explained why it is good to wait, patience sometimes seems impossible for toddler and preschooler. As I spoke, I realized that I too could learn a lesson from them.

When I feel like God is taking too long to answer a request, I should trust His heart and His timing. If I don’t I should remember that I might bite into some squishy fermented grapes, yet He desires to sort them out and give me the best.

Here’s to juicy grapes that are worth the wait.




Beyond Diapers and Routines

Perspective is a beautiful thing, it can infuse a stressful moment with patience. It can quiet down raging emotions and lend some insight into a situation.

The truth is that as motherhood is getting easier, it is also getting more complicated. I am almost done changing diapers, I hope you know I am using the word almost very loosely, give or take another two years, but still, that is pretty close. I am happy that the girls have grown so much. Soon they will be little semi-independent girlies, and my lap may not be there comfort zone.

Each season has its own challenges, things that could take a lot of my time. No one ever has it all figured out, at least I don’t, but I am done waiting for perfect conditions to do some of the things that I have been procrastinating about. There will never be perfect conditions, I am finally getting out of my own head, making a plan and teaching Ksena and Ky memory verses. Our first verse was Philippians 4:19. This week we are focusing on Psalms 56:4 as it was our verse in Sunday school.

In God, whose word I praise

In God I trust and I am not afraid.

~Psalm 56:4 NIV

It has been amazing watching Miss K grow in her own walk with God. Watching God teach her, and her hunger to know more about Him. This morning on our way to play school, she told me that she longs to see Jesus. She wanted to know where heaven is and how long she can go visit for. I answered these questions very carefully, especially the length of visit before she starts praying for a 1-month visit.

I received a long message yesterday that is still tugging at my heartstrings. I know in the depths of my heart that the Lord longs to reveal Himself to children. I need to play our part and prepare their hearts, read the word to them and love them.


Lana Vawser 

I had a vision recently and I saw Jesus inviting Mothers into the strategy room of heaven to bless them. He was inviting them in to sit at the table with Him and to receive new creative strategies and divine insight in their parenting. I knew instantly that the Lord had invited the Mothers into this strategy room with Him to hear these new strategies for they were the creative strategies for the new season to carry the increase that He is releasing. It wasn’t there was anything wrong with how things were done before, but there was an increase that the Lord was wanting to bring. 


As I watched in this vision, Mother after Mother responding to the call from the Lord, they sat at the table with Jesus and He began to unravel these scrolls of divine insight, blueprints and creative strategy on raising, ministering and sowing into their children. The Spirit of wisdom and revelation was so strong, I saw Mother’s filling pages and pages and pages in journals of the insight the Lord was releasing. As they wrote what He was speaking, His Words on the pages became keys. There were SO MANY keys and then the Lord spoke “This is a season of great UNLOCKING upon your children. A season of deep encounters for children with Me has begun.” The atmosphere was full of such joy and expectation that we are about to see a radical increase of children encountering the Lord and the supernatural in greater ways than we have ever seen before. As I watched this taking place it reminded me of a dream that I had a while ago regarding revival and the great outpouring of His Spirit. As I slept I heard the Lord speaking over and over “It won’t begin, until it begins with the children.” 

This invitation from the Lord for Mother’s is so weighty, it’s so strategic and it is so on the Lord’s heart right now, for He is releasing the new “pathways” to position, invest, pray and sow into our children to see them move into their greatest season of encounter with Jesus. I saw children who already know the Lord having deeper encounters than they have ever had, and I saw children who do not yet know the Lord, suddenly encountering Jesus and His radical, unrelenting, ever pursuing love and being radically transformed.

There is a MAJOR move of the Spirit of God upon children right now and the divine strategies that the Lord is releasing to Mother’s right now is going to bring forth greater healing, breakthrough and freedom to children. 

I asked the Lord why there was a focus upon Mother’s being into the strategy room of heaven right now, and I heard Him say “I am going to release a greater revelation to children of My nurture through Mothers in this season.” 


I kept hearing the words “Out of the mouths of babes” and the Lord showed me that there is significant increase of revelation, wisdom and breakthrough that He is going to release through children in this season. 

“You have built a stronghold by the songs of babies.
Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children.
This kind of praise has the power to shut Satan’s mouth.
Childlike worship will silence the madness of those who oppose you.” – Psalm 8:2 (The Passion Translation)

I felt the Lord saying “LISTEN!!!” – Listen to what your children speak from the encounters that they have with Me, for there is going to be great wisdom and revelation from My heart released from the mouths of babes. For in this season you will see a greater increase of worship and praise from the children, rising to Me that is going to release a significant breaker anointing to silence the enemy and to bring forth the breaker. Do not be surprised if the wisdom and direction you are seeking Me for, comes through the mouths of babes.”  

I also heard the Lord say “Pay attention to their dreams”. I suddenly saw an increase of prophetic dreams taking place for children in this season where they will encounter the Lord and the supernatural realms in greater ways. For the Lord is going to speak through the encounters many children have in this season with Jesus in their dreams, bringing forth great clarity, insight and divine strategy. 

The wisdom and discernment to guide children in their understanding of what they are experiencing and seeing is falling upon households like torrential rain. 


Where the Lord is increasing prophetic dreams and encounters with Him with children in the night hours, I heard the Lord say “Continue to pray over their dreams. Continue to bathe their dreams in prayer, for the enemy would attempt to hinder these encounters with Me through fear filled dreams, nightmares or night terrors, but continue to plead My blood over their dreams and their sleep. Continue to decree My Word of peaceful sleep and prophetic insight over them as they sleep and My angelic hosts to surround their beds, and you will see a major breakthrough of My Glory, revelation and insight being poured out upon them as they sleep.” 


The vision then went back to the Mother’s in the heavenly strategy room with Jesus and I watched as they were encountering the Lord and His new strategies, blueprints and creative insight, I watched as what looked like a HUGE waterfall was pouring over them. It was the rivers of His Spirit bringing refreshment to  them. They were being refreshed, strengthened and empowered again by the Spirit of God to move in this new season and new blueprints He was releasing. I watched as the Lord encouraged them and spoke: “Greater joy than you have ever known in your parenting is upon you!!!” 

The atmosphere was FULL of excitement and anticipation, that there was GREATER JOY than they had ever known beginning to break forth. I heard the Lord continue to speak to them “Do not look at what has been. Do not look at what was. But look to Me and know that this is your season of greater increase in your parenting. In this season you will see greater healing, you will see greater restoration, you will see greater redemption, recompense and divine breakthrough in your parenting than you have ever seen.”

I then saw these heavy “sandbags” on the shoulders of many Mother’s and these sandbags were labeled “REGRET”. I saw that many Mother’s have been carrying around “REGRET” and the Lord wanted to lift it off. Attached to these heavy “sandbags” of “REGRET” were lies. The enemy had come and found these sandbags of “REGRET” and was attacking them with his lies regarding their role as a Mother and their children. I watched as Jesus spoke such beautiful truth to them about their role as a Mother, the destiny of their children and His plans, and His love began to pierce holes in these sandbags of regret and they were melting away. There was a new level of peace, joy, and expectation in their role as Mother being given to them. I then heard Him speak again “Don’t look back. Look forward. Look to Me and KNOW that nothing is impossible for Me. The strategies I am releasing as you implement them are going to bring MAJOR breakthrough, increase, turnaround and restoration. It’s time for you to THRIVE in your role as Mother. This is the Year of Family and the enemy has come against Mother’s so strongly in this season, but NO MORE. Mothers, it’s your time to FLY! It’s your time to FLY! I am redeeming time! I am taking you higher! I am opening your eyes in greater ways to My strategy and you will pray and see significant breakthrough SUDDENLY unlike you have ever experienced.”


The Lord smiled and said “Mothers, the bowls of heaven concerning your children are tipping. Not one prayer you have prayed is in vain. Nothing has fallen to the ground. As you have learnt into Me and you have prayed My heart, as you have prayed My Word, as you have invested into your children through prayer, NOW you shall see the bowls of heaven are about to TIP over your children. You shall see the greatest outpouring of My Spirit over you, your family unit and your children. You shall see the manifestation of the breakthrough of the many prayers you have prayed, greater fruitfulness than you have known and greater INCREASE. The ground shall no longer be dry. The land shall no longer be barren, but you shall see great FRUITFULNESS come to your children and your household. As the fruit bursts forth, you will understand why the battle has been so hard regarding your children and family, because I have decreed this IS the season of greater fruitfulness in your family than you have ever known.”

“Mothers, this is your time to arise in new ways moving in My wisdom and revelation to see the greatest outpouring of My Spirit and breakthrough upon your children and family unit. The banner of My faithfulness is about to be lifted HIGH!!!!”

Please let me know if this has been helpful, I would love to hear how the Lord is moving in your homes.

May our children be taught by the Lord, and may they know great peace.