Nap Time

Schedules are beautiful things. They make life predictable, and we all have something to look forward to. As a younger mum, I struggled to put Ksena on a strict schedule that had her in bed by 7:00 PM, it seemed like a dream. Three years later, 7:00 PM is still not happening, but we’ve found a time that works for her. Having a timetable of sorts helps us all manage our expectations.

Mornings are usually high energy, the girls wake up ready to play and squeal. It is the best time to have an activity. After lunch, when the post lunch fatigue sets in, a small scratch has them wailing, a friendly game ends in a torrent of tears. The cries are usually a good sign, it means that nap time has reached. Sometimes, I countdown to that hour where peace fills the air, where I can eat or read in quiet, but then I miss them when they sleep.

From time to time I think that maybe Ksena is ready to drop the afternoon nap, but deep within, I am glad that she still has it (on most days) because it is more for me than for her :). It helps her be less cranky in the evenings, but sometimes she is able to sail through without it. It gives me an opportunity to do what I want to do.

Initially, I used to sit in one spot as they napped and savor the silence, other days, I would run to bed and sleep. There is something so refreshing about naps. The other day, Ksena woke up and said, “Mama, I’ve not had my breakfast yet.” I looked at her very confused since it was 5:00 PM and the beautiful rays of the sun filled the room. “It’s evening, almost time for dinner. What do you mean?” I asked. “I’ve slept and woken up and Mr. sun is out, so it is time to eat breakfast. Mummy, I want porridge.” I chuckled as I followed her to the window where she pointed to the sun. I concluded that all naps should be like that, refreshing, rejuvenating just like a night full of sleep.

One of the things that I am hoping to do more of as they sleep is, write in their journals. I’ve kept a journal on and off for the last 18 years. Some I’ve destroyed, but the majority I have kept in a box. It’s amazing how far I’ve come, there are seasons where I’ve been more consistent and others where I’ve struggled to write altogether.  I know that I was born to write and as I use my time writing for other people, I have been challenged to write for my girls.

Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power.~Psalm 145:4

I’ve been keeping their journals for a couple of months now and it has been a wonderful journey filling the pages. I cannot deny the Lord’s faithfulness as we are raising them. Sometimes I wish I could share the stories with them, but they can’t understand just yet. As we read them Bible stories I want to pass on personal stories of God’s faithfulness and how He has moved in our lives, to share the miracles and testimonies, and explain to them how the hand of God has carried and sustained us.

My prayer is that as I use my pen to tell stories to the world, that my girls will see, hear and understand how great our God is.