If you had an angel following you around every day, what do you imagine they would wear? Would they have themes each day, you know, throw in a 17th-century outfit every other Thursday or some shades of blue on Mondays?

Sunday is my most rewarding and draining days, in equal measure. I teach the little children, children below three years old. Sometimes it is a walk in the park, other times it is like trying to conduct a choir whose members are in different time zones.

Yesterday, I taught them about angels. Some were wide-eyed as I showed them pictures from a pop-up Christmas book, others were more interested in the toys sprawled around, while others were intrigued by pink crocs.

A scroll on my social media page reminds me how much we need protection. As much as we try to protect our children, we cannot be with them at all times. We don’t see the bigger picture, we are not all knowing, seeing or powerful. We are limited in our power, but we serve a God who is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.

He is able to order his angels to protect us.

“For he orders his angels to protect you wherever you go.~

~Psalm 91:11

We colored cut-out angels to remind us that God orders his angels to protect us everywhere we go. As the little ones play with their toys and lie in their beds, they know that there are angels watching over them.

My colored angel has a home on my wall to remind me that angels are watching over me everywhere that I go.


I Have Seen Angels At Work

Over the last couple of weeks, I have become increasingly aware of the power that is released when we pray. During a conversation with a friend two weeks ago, I asked her, how we used to survive when we didn’t pray as fervently? She responded, ”our mums were doing the heavy lifting for us”. This is so true. I am so blessed to have a mum who prays for me. Now I’m a mum, I have to take that place and cover my family in prayer daily. I am enjoying the heavy lifting (:

faithful prayers

I have learned not to take anything for granted. Leaving the house and getting back home accident and incident free is by the grace of God.  A week ago, I was heading home and a car behind me was going much faster than necessary. We were on a busy road but the driver kept accelerating instead of slowing down. Before I knew it, I heard his tyres screeching to a halt behind me. He barely missed my boot. If my car was any longer, he would have rammed right in. I was a little shaken but I had seen the hand of Jehovah. I was not confused, I was absolutely sure that it was His angels who held that car back. He preserved Ksena and I.


On Saturday, I took Ksena out for a picnic. We had a lot of fun, spotted a few animals. At about 4pm, we decided to go and see the Hippos being fed. As I walked, I stepped on [what did not look like] loose soil, and in the slowest motion possible, I fell. I was holding Ksena and a few other things. As I went down, I could not believe that I was actually falling, it has been many years since I last fell. Before I knew it, I was on the ground, Ksena and the things intact [BY GOD’S GRACE]. All I had to show were a bruised knee, torn skirt, and a snapped sandal. God’s angels had held us. What could have been a very bad fall, ended up being cushioned by His Angels. After attempting to dust ourselves off, we made it to see the Hippos eating. They don’t have the best table manners (: they chew with their mouths open. Ksena showed me how they chew lol. She was particularly fascinated by the Buffalo neighboring the Hippos. It was worth it.


A day can start off so well but end on a different note. It is the Lord who sustains us. I will not be afraid, because I know that He has got me covered.

Step into this month knowing that the Lord has commanded His angels concerning you. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. God will answer, sustain and deliver you.

Have a blessed month,