There Are No Roller Skates In Heaven

I can’t rollerblade to save my life.

I tried, and balancing on a single file of wheels is just not for me. The last time I tried I fell on my back so hard my spine may have re-aligned.

Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know that there were three-wheeled skates. It’s like wearing a scooter on your feet, or rollerblading with training wheels on, pretty neat for any beginner.

The K girls love being in motion, they take after their daddy in that. I like to be in control of my movement, which is not the case when I am on blades, a whiff of wind feels like the wind o’er a stormy ocean.

A few days ago, Miss K declared that she wanted rollerskates. I told her that’s great, now we can pray for them.

Her response caught off guard.

“Mum, why do I need to pray yet there are no roller skates in heaven?”

I didn’t see that coming. It was funny but serious.

What hit very close to home is that the way I perceive God will determine if I go to Him for help.

I don’t know about rollerskates being in heaven, but what I do know is that the earth is the Lord’s and that we can present all of our needs to Him. There don’t need to be roller skates in heaven for Him to provide them.

What are you hoping for? Do you think that there are rollerskates in Heaven? Will you still go to Him even if there aren’t any in Heaven?

Have a lovely weekend!