Buckets Of Love

“But these shoes don’t match my outfit, Mama,” Ksena said as she removed the pink Crocs.

“Go and ask Daddy what he thinks,” I said as I tried to get Ky ready to leave the house. In the background I could hear hubs and Ksena discuss her outfit, he thought that the shoes matched her top but Miss K preferred the blue shoes because they matched with her skirt.

At 7:30AM, I have bigger battles to fight other than color coordinating outfits, but isn’t it amazing how toddlers apply their knowledge into every situation. Learning colors is both a life skill and a wardrobe fundamental to avoid color clashing . Yesterday morning she insisted that she had to wear the skirt with beads, as I watched the minute hand sway on the clock, I let her wear the skirt.

One of my fave pictures of Miss K and Ky is them sitting on the beach, clad in dungarees and pink tops, playing with their buckets and shovels in the sand. Other than the fact that I got them matching outfits, I don’t do it often, but it’s my little way of seeing what life would be like if they were twins, hats off and lots of grace to mothers of multiples, you are heroes; this picture is the perfect reminder of sisterly love, them sitting next to each other and playing. When they see each other after playgroup they elatedly run and hug each other. Ksena doesn’t take jokes around her sister remaining behind with someone kindly, she stops what she is doing and goes to her sister and calls out for help. She is protective. Earlier today,  Miss K told me that Ky can go with her to school and stay in her class. She convinced me that she will take care of her and tell her friends to play carefully around her because Ky is delicate. I smiled as I drove.

Their bond is admirable, it reminds me how we ought to take care of each other and love on each other. A few weeks ago when Ksena had an opportunity to pick one toy and  she chose something for her sister instead, it really touched me, I saw love in action, a tender care that came from deep within. This is not to say that I would have judged her for choosing something for herself 🙂 but Ky was so mushed and happy when she saw her stethoscope.

Differences are present, my referee whistle has not been shelved as they do not always agree on who should play with the toy first, but their love remains. Oh, that our love for each other will remain as gentle, pure, caring and precious as theirs.

I Know That Nose :)

‘She has your eyes!’

‘She looks like her daddy!’

In the last couple of weeks I have heard all sorts of statements as people try to figure out who Ky looks like.


When I saw Ky for the first time, I couldn’t put my finger on who she looked like. All I knew is that she looked very different from Ksena. I didn’t think she looked like a potato 🙂 I just thought she looked like Ky. But, babies change. They grow. When I look at pictures of Ksena as a newborn and at her now, she looks like two different people. Just this week, is when Hubs pointed out that Kyria looks like Ksena did when she was a baby. Now that he mentions it. I see it. I do! They are similar. But so different. They are individuals.

I sent a friend of mine a pic of Ky, then she showed it to her husband without telling him who it was. He responded, ”I know that nose! That’s Ksena’s nose.” He knew it was Ky. Yes my girls have what I call the Kimemia nose 🙂 It’s their unifying feature with their daddy. So, as much as Ksena (apparently) looks like me, she has her daddy’s nose. They both have their daddy’s nose. The K girls.

I laughed when I heard how prominent the nose is. It’s so precious that without being told who it was, he knew that it was Kyria, yet he hasn’t met her yet. This got me thinking, that there are characteristics that people identify and remember us by. My prayer is that the girls will be identified by and remembered for much more than the K nose. I pray that their love for Jesus and character will have the ‘nose’ effect. I also wouldn’t mind them being the K girls who ride 🙂 that’d definitely be a Kimemia influence 🙂 but all according to God’s plan.

This morning we are dancing to this song in the K household.

Miss K is on the drums as Miss Ky is bobbing her head in her bouncy chair. My prayer is that we will be known for standing out, like the three hebrew boys.

Have a blessed day,